Isla Mudra ~ Islandvedic Essentials

Isla Mudra is a skincare collection made on the island of Puerto Rico, in Rincón, a town known for its beautiful beaches, world class surfing, and stunning tropical sunsets. It is a fusion of traditional herbals, exotic island florals, inspired by Ayurvedic self-care rituals, with the aim of total body wellness in balance with our tropical environment. All our products are hand-crafted from the purest botanicals, each element meticulously selected for its effects on your body, mind, and spirt ~ Skincare for your Sol ~

Each of our formulas is based on our founder’s life-long study, research, and reverence of the natural world. Every product is made from 100% natural ingredients chosen specifically for their beneficial properties, all colors and fragrances are from pure therapeutic essential oils and plant-based actives. Sustainability and responsible sourcing is paramount. Clean and green is an understatement; all of our packaging is recycled, recyclable, post-consumer, and in some cases biodegradable and plantable. Our products are pure and healthy, non-gender specific, and user-friendly. It’s skincare you never have to second guess.


Our Logo, designed in conjunction with family and friends, is symbolic of the attention to detail, the energy of the hands that fill each bottle. The gyan mudra represents wisdom, the sun symbolic of the source of energy and life on this beautiful planet, and our intrinsic connection to the natural elements that nourish and sustain us on every level.

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