Tips for getting a “safe and healthy” tan... the Islandvedic way.

We're going to be real ~ Tanning can be a questionable practice for truly healthy skin. But following these tips will help keep your skin happy and glowing…



  1. Never go bare ~ Bikini or not, always moisturize at minimum. Try unrefined Coconut oil & Shea Butter (found in Cocoon) or Buriti oil (found in Sunbeam) for the added boost of natural UV filters.
  2. Keep it short and sweet ~ How long is long enough? Depending on your skin tone, 30 mins to an hour is plenty of sun, that’s counting both sides. Any longer… make sure you are wearing sunscreen to avoid possible long-term damage.
  3. Carotenoids ~ In your diet or your skincare, these potent antioxidants are your go-to for a healthy glow. Look for items containing Beta-carotene (carrots, papaya, etc.) and Lycopene (tomato, watermelon, etc.).
  4. Speaking of Antioxidants ~ Again, in your diet and your skincare, these really help keep away damage from harmful free radicals. Açai (found in BluSoothe) contains potent antioxidants vitamin C and A, and anthocyanin.
  5. Flow up with skin soothers ~ Aloe doesn’t just feel good. Botanicals with anti-inflammatory properties cool and reduce inflammation, a leading cause of long term damage. Slather on products with Aloe, Blue Tansy, and Calendula extract (also found in BluSoothe) to keep skin balanced and on an even keel.
  6. Change positions frequently to keep burns from occurring. Set a timer on your phone so you can relax without losing track of time.
  7. Stay hydrated!

One final note: stay away from sun beds! They emit strong UVA waves that can damage skin permanently. And the idea of creating a “base-tan’ is a myth. Always avoid overdoing it if possible. 

Now relax and soak up your vitamin D with a little more peace-of-mind.

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