Plastic-Free Airbnb

Isla Mudra is offering greener solutions for you and your guests in an effort to reduce waste caused by single use plastics in personal care. Our full line of zero waste hair and skincare products is now available in guest sizes: high quality, plastic-free botanical bars including shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, scrubs, and lotions!
Refillable gallons of our popular body washes are also an ecological option to consider. Choose from Encanto Papaya Mango Ginger Body Wash, featuring fresh local papaya; or CocoMojito Creamy Body Wash with Fresh Lime and Yerba Buena. If you're interested in refillable gallons of our other products, simply make a request!
We can develop customized bespoke products for your business upon request with  a wide range of exotic tropical and locally sourced botanicals!
Not only do these locally-made, plastic-free, and recyclable solutions reduce waste drastically, they also lower carbon-emissions from shipping, utilize ingredients grown on the island, and offer a unique experience for your guests. Our natural ingredients are biodegradable post use, assuring a positive environmental impact from creation to completion. 
Send an inquiry to place a custom order today! 
Order Details: Wholesale pricing is available to business owners for agreed upon minimum orders. For bulk pricing to apply, a minimum order quantity of 20 per item is required for guest sized minis. Gallon pricing available on request.
For bespoke products, a research and development fee will apply depending on complexity of formula and cost of ingredients. 
More you can do to join the zero waste challenge:
Plastic Free Airbnb